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The Silent Killer is NOT (Just) Cancer

Lurking within me is a beast waiting for the right time. And like its prey, I have little to no warning of when it will emerge. But best be reassured that there is no way of escape. Like Cancer, there is no cure or way for peace; but, few seek a resolution and instead many must suffer.

Little know or have even heard of this thing that will forever control my life. To some, it is considered “the Silent Killer” and to others it is much worse as some, like myself, considered death to be a relief. The pain alone becomes so strong so as to cause one to stare lovingly, longingly at any breakable or sharp object.

Then there is one’s diet. Remember all the foods traditionally savored and enjoyed, like ice cream, cake, cookies, candy, there are even more that one must deny the pleasure of consuming. All are a special case but all crave for a whispering taste of any deliscious morsel.

And I can’t forget one of the most fought for natural right of one’s womenhood. Because if we dare to consider the thought of children, then we must prepare for a long hard battle that many fail to ever win though some do. Yet, it is through many attempts, calculations, drugs and tears that such a feat is obtained.

Do not forget though that often those who are deadly end up become secretly passed along so as many after may suffer through similar difficulties.

A sure sign of such is the taunt and glances of many upon another whose looks are not entirely of the norm. Those, like myself, are all too familiar with the daily battles against one’s own hair as this beast enjoys to lay its tail like a mustache upon our upper lip. Its hair could also be shed upon other parts of our body so as to create an art peice of its own.

But who is this artist? this mastermind? this beast? It is none other than Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

If any knows of its slow death then it is well known that it not only gives physical torment but mental too. For how can one continue with life, when many only offer temporary aid. Is it not better to succomb to the beast’s ultimate wish? Is that the only way for relief?

© 2016 Jessica Santos


Tender is the Night (originally written on January 29, 2015)

Kisses are such delicate intimate moments
Clinging to our bare skin
Like silent whispers
They declare what is
He doesn’t have to say it
I know
Sending shivers down my body
It goes on
Squirming slightly with pleasure
Soft strokes along my spine ignite
He tests the waters
Warm and vast
Dripping with anticipation
Neither beg
We both know it’s soon
Just taking the time
To gaze lovingly into eyes staring back
No longer a stranger’s
A kiss seals the deal
Bowing down in respect
He slowly plunges head first
Wading through the sweetness
Our destination is set
But we’re in no hurry
Riding swiftly through the bumps
As we near the outskirts
Our eyes glaze over
The moon rises
And just like that
All is illuminated

© 2015 Jessica Santos