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Chocolate Croissants

Like any hopeful beauty, she dreamed day and night. But what she saw was not just a happy ending. No, it was much more than that. She saw what she wanted and needed with all her heart. It wasn’t to make or add to her happiness but to enhance it.

At night, amongst the many paintings and countless stories, she laid in bed. She didn’t see the white picket fence with flowers blooming all around. She didn’t see kids running across the yard or hear a baby crying through the window. She didn’t even see her own fame and glory. What she saw was not what everyone told her to dream.

There was a dog though. He slept on an old worn out leather chair he had claimed when he was a puppy. They tried to throw it out but he had hopped up on it and sat there like a royal king being carried around by his loyal subjects. The picture is hanging on a wall if you don’t believe it.

There was a man too. He didn’t claim a chair, instead he slept in the bed beside her holding her close. Yet, throughout the night, he would toss and turn either curling up in a ball, lying on his belly or submerged in the sea of blankets. It wouldn’t be for long though.

Because in the morning, he would wake up, stretch out and glance down to see her curled up in the crook of his arm. He was checking if she was awake or still drooling along his chest.

Of course she felt his subtle movement and stirred in her sleep. A dampness would reach her attention and as she moved to wipe her mouth, he would chuckle softly.

Embarrassed, she quickly tried to hide the evidence but it would always be too late. He caught her and even though it was a hassle to wash his shirt every day, he didn’t really mind. But, he never would admit it. He took too much pleasure teasing her about it as she tried to hide her actions by rubbing her eyes or pulling the covers up to hide her beautiful face.

Still, the top of her head would peak out tempting him to lightly tussle her hair. And as his chest rose and fell, she brushed her face against him purring all along.

Once he would stop, she would climb atop his waist and peer down at him. A smile would brighten her eyes and the final rays of the early morning sun would push through the blinds. He would check the time and the dog would begin his morning stretch before clumsily walking over to poke his nose between the sheets.

The man would jump away from the cold wet nose only to pat him on the head. She then would rub his ears just the way he liked it.

The satisfied pup would then curl up on the rug just below them and patiently wait as the man taunted her out of bed with the idea of coffee and sweets. It sounded good to her but it wasn’t until he said the magic phrase that would finally pull her out of bed. Chocolate croissants were always a weak point of hers and he knew her well.

They shared one final kiss in the misty morning air and that would always be the moment her eyes would flutter.

It wasn’t just a dream any more.

© 2016 Jessica Santos


Something About Summertime

It’s summertime for students and teachers alike. A time when everyone hangs out with their friends, significant others, and family.

I drive down the street and see several couples holding hands, kissing and laughing in merriment. Then, I get home and see my family and old friends who offer a sense of familiarity that you can’t get just anywhere. Everything seems to flow like the ocean that meets my toes.

Until, summer turns into weeks of repetition, stress for work, worry for tough classes and the inevitable question of “what am I doing with my life?” There’s just something about summer that everyone looks forward too but end up regretting their wish to be granted.

I’m currently in the middle of my summer and even though this is all hitting me, I still see the sun, sand and cool ocean water. After all, it is the little moments that one must hold onto. The hardships we face only heighten those brief seconds so that we may remember them as hours.

So as I curl up alone in bed missing the soothing warmth of my significant other as he is off at work, I smile as I remember the kiss he gave me when he said goodbye hours ago. It only lasted a second but it held a promise to love and cherish us the next time we met.

With that, I plan an outing with some friends to dump our worries in the ocean as we dive off a cliff and into its magical wonderful abyss.

© 2016 Jessica Santos

Midnight Surprises

Its midnight and high above is a full moon. Since its summer time, the windows are rolled down allowing the cool night air wisp into the car and surround my sun kissed skin. Although I’m not driving, I can feel the change of gears as my driver encourages the Aston to go even faster.

There are no cops to stop us and most wouldn’t even bother to try. We’re going to fast for anyone to catch up but speed is not the purpose for this drive. I wanted to get out and have some fun. He wanted to feel my enticing vibes. So before we knew what we were getting into, the engine was revving and my hair was billowing out behind me.

But I’m not afraid; I’m far from it. I feel invincible. I am invincible. No harsh words or cruel acts can turn me away. I am full throttle in motion.

Smiling I glance out to the ocean side and my gaze is met with an astonishing sight. With the moon high in the sky and the bright lining shining below, the ocean looks like a bluish tinged glass. Calm waters and a quiet sea lap upon the shore inviting me in for a dip but for now I refuse.

This is not my destination. Not yet.

Turning my gaze into the car, I look upon my driver. He’s handsome, sweet, generous and he knows how to make an engine purr. Who wouldn’t want to be sitting next to a guy like him? I know his stories, his fears, his hopes and dreams but the one thing I’m unsure about is his plan.

I got into the car without saying where to take me and he drove without whispering a word on location. What a pair we are. Silently he knows what I need and curiously I watch for clues. Slowly, I see signs pass by me but with every knowledgeable white post we pass, the more and more I become confused.

Where are we going?

Since my curiosity can’t stay quiet any longer I break our silence and ask but I’m met with a grin and offered more silence. Knowing he will not budge, I take what I can get and resume my cat-like position waiting for more white posts.

As time ticks by, my eyes slowly droop and I slip down into my seat. Curling up, I find warmth nestled against the back of my seat and begin to fall asleep until suddenly I feel the gears shift downwards and we begin to decelerate. Excited I jump back up and look around.

Nothing. Not a single light or even the sight of an ocean.

The rustling of leaves draws my attention to the right of the car but swiftly a breeze caresses my hair and I soon watch as my driver parks the car. The headlights are off but somehow he knows exactly what to do.

Watching him, I at last realize the fear that he holds deep within him. I don’t know what he has to fear but if such a great man is in fear then naturally I feel the same as well. Alert, I steadily listen to every rustle of leaves, breath exhaled and bodily movement. My driver soon gets out of the car and beckons me to stay put. Without a fight, I remain in the car as he jogs up to my door and opens it for me.

Shocked, I take a moment to look into his caring brown eyes before I collect my loosely knit white cardigan and swing my legs out to the side of the car to step out. Grass tickles the edges of my feet as I walk around the door pulling the cardigan on. As soon as I’m away from the door, he softly shuts it behind me and guides me to a path.

Leaning into me slightly, he whispers sweet nothings in my ear before he kisses the left temple of my forehead. Then he holds me close and together we follow the path. The more we walk, the more I can feel my driver becoming confident. But just when I thought he had nothing to fear, I see a house in the distance.

All is still except a dim flicker of light that bounces off the walls and out through a window to the right of the house. Thinking that someone is inside and we’re trespassing, I come to a halt but my driver insists that I move forward. So I take a few more steps more until I’m a couple feet away from the stairs leading to the front porch and beyond that the big French double doors.

Scared, I stop again and begin to wonder about ghosts, witches and evil spirits. After all, it’s the perfect place and perfect set up. Once more I look to my driver, but all I see is kindness and trust in his eyes which leads me to sink further against his comforting side. He feels my uneasiness and kisses the top of my head as he holds me closer and gently pushes me along.

Climbing the stairs, I hear muffled laughter. Clinging closer to my driver I cautiously approach the door. As he reaches out to unlock the door with a small silver shiny key, I slowly shrink away deeper into his side. Then, right when the door lock was released, he swung the door open. Immediately, lights flare on and a number of people, whom I quickly recognized, jumped up screaming and shouting, “Happy Birthday!”

© 2014 Jessica Santos