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Six Feet Under

Oh, dear Mother
Six feet under
And nobody cared
Yet now the ground shakes
And the old are reborn
White hats fill these streets
Marching from door to door
“Recite the truth!”
“All hail the blood of the pure!”
“The blond toupe is our messiah!”
Yet these shouts aren’t the only fear
Your mighty winds have turned loose
Your floodgates are now broken
Oh, dear Mother, save us
We cry not for our self
Not for our children
For the skeletons have escaped
Someone left the closet door open
And none can contain
The guards have been recruited
Only to cry among us
Oh, dear Mother
Six feet under they were
Now here we lay
In our self made grave

© 2017 Jessica Santos



She flies into the heart of the stormy sky
Where it pours and drowns light
There is no escape, no exit
Lightning flashes left and right
But it leaves no white streaks
The sun battles the blackening clouds
But to no avail
A little girl shines a torch
But quickly it is blown out
Nothing can stop this mighty force
Winds across the seas whip the water
Oceans churn with great power
Collapsing all ships
Masking all sails
There is no lighthouse
The keeper has long left
Taken over by the webs and chilling shrieks of gulls
There is no hope for a return
None at all can win the Great Lady back
What was said is what shall be
A force to reckon with
And a battle never won by you

– Jessica Santos
© 2014 Jessica Santos