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Reminisce and Resolute

Soon the vast internet will be filled with New Year’s Resolutions about hopes and prayers but for now there are some deep in thought. We are not pondering the future or the present like many would tell us to do. We are reminiscing in the past.

This year has brought many hardships and happy tears. People have moved on to the heavenly skies and others have fell below the cracks. Some have learned how to walk, talk and sulk. Others are struggling to be.

Each and every one of us have experienced those struggles as well as many accomplishments even those who have just been born. They surpassed many obstacles in the womb only for more to be thrown at them. Perhaps they haven’t even left one battle yet. Perhaps they are like those of us who are in a constant battle to survive.

But the fact remains that we have endured this year with all of its death, tears, scratches and bruises.

We need to remember this year, not forget it. And that means we need to remember those who died in battle and all of those who were left forgotten. They showed us how human we are. They helped pave the road towards our humanity and that is our constant war because as we are drinking away the pain, blood and deceit, the road turns into black ice where we slide and eventually crash head first into the metal guard rails. That can’t be our fate.

So instead of raising a glass of bubbly champagne to the new year, I will raise a glass of water to my past and honor what I have learned. I will remember all of the terrible, neglectful and hurtful moments as well as the beauty, the joyful and the cherished moments so that this new year will be like none other.

Happy New Year 2017 and Congratulations 2016 for a year full of rewarding memories.

© 2016 Jessica Santos


Pass It On

Late at night, when all the stores are closing up shop and workers are preparing to head home, all of the merchandise that had not been sold that had to be sold within that day is thrown out in the trash. After being in the food industry working for a company and a volunteer program, I have witnessed individuals throw food out and sometimes even goods that could have been passed on. It hurts to see such thoughtless acts, especially when one considers the number of people who go to bed hungry.

We need to stop throwing these goods out and instead collect them and give them away to those who need it. For example, the company that I work with allows its employees to take the food, if we so desire; and I always take a bag or two home. I don’t necessarily take it for myself or go driving around town handing out the miscellaneous food items, but I do give a few items to friends, family or even the occasional stranger on my way home.

This act is not done in hopes of anything in return, so please don’t expect a return other than a possible thank you and smile. If anything, do this act out of the kindness in your heart and with the knowledge that the food you are tossing out could have a better usage in someone else’s tummy instead of your trash can.

© 2015 Jessica Santos