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Something About Summertime

It’s summertime for students and teachers alike. A time when everyone hangs out with their friends, significant others, and family.

I drive down the street and see several couples holding hands, kissing and laughing in merriment. Then, I get home and see my family and old friends who offer a sense of familiarity that you can’t get just anywhere. Everything seems to flow like the ocean that meets my toes.

Until, summer turns into weeks of repetition, stress for work, worry for tough classes and the inevitable question of “what am I doing with my life?” There’s just something about summer that everyone looks forward too but end up regretting their wish to be granted.

I’m currently in the middle of my summer and even though this is all hitting me, I still see the sun, sand and cool ocean water. After all, it is the little moments that one must hold onto. The hardships we face only heighten those brief seconds so that we may remember them as hours.

So as I curl up alone in bed missing the soothing warmth of my significant other as he is off at work, I smile as I remember the kiss he gave me when he said goodbye hours ago. It only lasted a second but it held a promise to love and cherish us the next time we met.

With that, I plan an outing with some friends to dump our worries in the ocean as we dive off a cliff and into its magical wonderful abyss.

© 2016 Jessica Santos


107 Seconds

I had no idea
How was I to know?
Blinded in desperation
I took both hands in cooperation
Being led straight down the halls
And around the bends
His lair was no where
But everywhere
Turning a guiltless couch
Into a haunting memory
Converting my own sanctuary
Into my undoing
With every case
The beginnings were different
The methods have changed
So how am I to know?
When I don’t even know
What it is that I want, that I need
Everyone says to spread the word
But what word?
We already know it’s there
With every 107 seconds
There’s another case
So what’s the plan now?

© 2015 Jessica Santos

Blind Faith

Like a good girl
I sit and wait
With arms open wide
And a door that is unlocked
Eagerly listening
For a car to drive up
But not today
Perhaps tomorrow?
Maybe the day after?
Yet, like a good girl
I sit and wait
With arms open wide
And a door that is unlocked

© 2015 Jessica Santos