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Three, Four, Five Week Shadow

The weather is starting to warm up here and I am beginning to be faced with what use to be a difficult question to answer: Should I wear shorts today?

I’m not asking because it might rain or get cloudy but I have a different issue. Most would just tell me to go shower and take care of it but it’s not that easy.

My legs are like a man’s face. Whenever they get shaved or waxed, I can expect the hair to start popping out by the end of the day.

So, guys, I feel your pain and struggle, but here’s the thing, you can’t begin to image mine.

For you, if you don’t shave then there is no harm in that. Now a days, I look around and find that many guys support the “five o’clock shadow” or even the actual beard. One doesn’t typically hear about a guy being harassed or bullied because he has facial hair. Maybe back in high school or middle school when we were all immature but that was just ridiculous. Hair to a guy means that he is maturing and becoming a man.

But, for a chick like me, seeing hair anywhere but on the top of my head and “kitty” is a big NO. Momentarily it’s a sign of maturity but it soon becomes a nuisance.

Most guys I talk to say they don’t care, but society as a whole deems it to be unacceptable. Having a bush is even beginning to fade out as it is often considered to “get in the way.”

Don’t ask me what they mean exactly because as far as I’m concerned, they have a length that can definitely “push through.” Its not like I have dreads down there. Yet, I know a guy would argue the point of going down on a chick and pulling away with “floss.”

Yeah, that is annoying and embarrassing (especially for the chick); but hey, if your chick goes down on you, then consider the fact that she’s shoving however many inches down her throat and trying to hold back a gag or two.

Before I go any further down that rabbit hole, let me make it clear that I’m not here to argue who has it “harder” in the bedroom (or wherever else you have your “fun”). I’m actually just trying to make a point about women and hair, especially hair on one’s legs. So, let’s back track a bit.

Should I wear shorts today?

Simply put, yes I most certainly should. Because, like it or not, I have hair on my legs. I could shave, but I get everything waxed from the waist down every four to five weeks. Personally, waxing lasts a little longer and is a little more effective in weakening the hair follicles.

Granted, I’m going to end up with two or three weeks of noticeable hair on my legs, but I’ll take the compromise.

Don’t click away just yet though. I’m not done.

There are two more factors that makes this question difficult:

1) I have dark colored hair.

2) My hormones are out of whack.

I know some of you may think this is a strange response but let me explain.

The first point is pretty straight forward. Everyone knows that blond chicks or light haired girls have it lucky, because they can go a little longer than us dark haired girls. Their hair tends to blend in a little better with their skin. Us dark haired girls have these tell-tale black/brown lines running across our legs and other problem areas (lips, arms, “kitty”, etc.)

Now, in regards to this second point (or third point depending on how you’re counting), I don’t want to scare you, your girlfriend, wife, or whoever but having a hormonal imbalance can cause abnormal hair growth (as well as other things but this depends on every individual’s condition).

To be specific, having one’s male hormones be slightly higher than normal for a chick can cause abnormal hair growth. For me, this means that the hair on my legs grows back faster, but it also resulted in my little tiny happy trail along my tummy.

Luckily, all the guys I’ve been with (except for one jerk) have all been extremely supportive and did not ridicule me. Though, I do not deny the fact that my current partner (not the jerk) loves to “pet” my legs when they begin to grow out.

At first, I would hide my legs under the covers or wear pants all the time but now I’ve grown more accustomed to it. He’s also a major part of why I’ve come to accept it. (Having been tested for a hormonal imbalance also helped too.)

The point I’m making though is that society and you have to accept who you are. Embrace yourself or anyone who dares to brave the world with their “special” features. It is a part of who they are and I’m fairly certain that there is no on or off switch for how “bad” it appears. Furthermore, I’m pretty darn sure that everyone (even the so-called “perfect” guy/chick you’re crushing on) has some “special” trait.

It’s what makes us unique.

So, instead of suffering from heat stroke this summer, understand that there is more than what the eye sees. The sun doesn’t discriminate who gets to play bare and neither should we.

© 2016 Jessica Santos