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Lab Work

“Wait and see”
Oh, don’t I know
They take their samples
Two and a half vials
That’s all it takes
To learn so much
They reassure
Knowledge is power, control
Yet, for many, it’s an execution
But, two and a half is so little
A fraction of the whole
So, why do you hang up your coat
When your job has just begun?

© 2016 Jessica Santos



He wants me to write
About the bees
How they cease to buzz
How we need to act
Maybe build a farm
Create a complete environment

He says they need certain flowers
Something to do with nutrition
Or surviving the cold
To embrace their full potential
But, he continues to babble

He talks about their reproduction
How they are maternally run
So my mouth opens to respond
But, he carries on

My gaze has shifted though
Outside the window a bee passes
Soon followed by another
They whiz by in a sort of dance
Calling to me
Beckoning to join its picture perfect frame

I tap the glass
Feel its warmth
And while his back is turned
I leap through the screen

© 2016 Jessica Santos


Throughout my life, I have found myself sitting and waiting on others. It wasn’t because I needed them to fulfill my life and make me happy or entertained but I was a good girl. I always listened and obeyed every wish and whim. But now I’m older and I have a decent enough mind to realize how ridiculous it is to always be good. Besides, who determines what is good and bad?

I’m living a superficial life that leads to no meaning or purpose. Doesn’t that sound rather dull and boring? So show me someone who wishes to live by the rules and wait on others. I’ll show them the door. Not the door out but a door to a new beginning, a different story, a true life.

Everyday friends and family tell me to be careful and cautious because the world is big, scary and filled with the unknowns. But why?

Isn’t part of living just more than being aware of the fear of it?

Yeah, I could be kidnapped with every person I meet but I could also find another chapter in love or maybe I’ll find that so called one person “you can’t live without”.

Yeah, I can fail and lose everything I have but don’t you have to experience the failure in order to know that you want better?

Even though I’m just beginning my trek out into the real world, I’m faced with the hardest step in life, the beginning. Everyone tells me to enjoy myself now because I’m young, able and have the time to fool around.

But if thats the case, then when is it ever appropriate?

There is no exact or rough idea of a time scale. The things that you wish or allow to happen are up to your own schedule.

So I may be young and rushing into things for some but I can say that I’ve experienced alot.

Though I may be naive with my experiences compared to others, when did life ever become a compare and contrast essay?

As a matter of fact, when did my life become everyone else’s epitome concern? What I do only affects my future because at the end of the day, the fact is that everyone eventually dies. My parents will be gone before me and even some of my friends as well. So if I keep living like a “good girl”, then what will I do once everyone is gone?

I just might as well give all of you a good story or laugh to share while you’re alive. And hey, I may actually inspire some of you to do the same.

© 2015 Jessica Santos

Doubt Doubt

Put me in a crowded room
Abandon me on the streets
Take me to a party
Or drive me across the nation

I can be anywhere
Surrounded by anything
And you’re all I see

He says that if you’re not in my heart, you’re on my mind
And if you’re not on my mind, you’re in my heart
But the man who said
Is a man who is dead

Dead with a life of tragedy and heartbreak
So why question to be or not to be?
Just shut the fuck up
And stop reading into it

© 2015 Jessica Santos