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I’m Here Old Friend

“Just let it go. But, how can I? Nothing is the same any more.”

Now, I’m not afraid of the change. I’m more afraid of what I know to be true. They say the truth hurts but the truth hardly ever surprises me except this time…

At first, I thought it was anger. Then, my day went on and as I focused on how to get rid of it, I realized how wrong I was. It wasn’t anger at all. Instead, it was pain and sadness.

I don’t typically cry to express these two emotions. It tends to brew and hide itself under a false sense of anger which explains my confusion. (If I were to cry, that is usually out of relief.) So, knowing this, I know I’m not ready to let go.

I’m not ready because I don’t want to see my best friend in his last best suit. And the most painful part is knowing that he’s suffering. He use to be someone I sought for comfort. He was my protector, my guide and my right hand.

So, how am I suppose to let it go when the biggest question in my mind is what can I possibly do to help even though I know there is nothing I nor anyone else can do?

© 2016 Jessica Santos


Corporeal Therapy

Scheduled in the books
Every Monday
For the rest of the month.
They assure
It’s all for good;
But then,
Walk in,
Lay on the table,
Lift a shirt,
Wipe the tears,
Rub some alcohol,
Place pads,
Turn up the dial,
And like that
Strapped down
By a pressure,
A pulse
Which enters the core.
Staring at the blinds,
They morph
Into solid, white, clean bars.
Peer in and see
A lady with eyes of a child
Twitch some fingers.
Save me.

© 2015 Jessica Santos