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Beautiful Sunshine

Begins with you and ends with none
Only one can ignite the spark
Once it is aflame it is difficult to blow out
For there is no such thing as giving up
Each moment is precious
And precious things are hardly doubted
Yet time seems imperceptible as everyone is hustling to its ticks
As the moments pass
Gates and doors are unlocked
The world starts to open up
And with confident steps you walk in
A smile is present with little effort given to sustain
Feet guide themselves through the tall grass
And your mind wanders the thoughtful abyss
Effortlessly, feet make their way to see the painted skies
Wispy clouds share the wisdom that life is never old
It has only just begun for one in bliss
So let the rain drops fall onto a naked face
Let the sun shine over the hills and valleys of your body
Embrace the glory of a new world
Open wide and swallow in the eternal day

© 2014 Jessica Santos



If you’ve been down and crying
Then its time to raise a glass
Look upon the wine and not the air
Watch as the bubbles fizzle out and disappear
They are nothing without the grapes
The aged grapes trap and hold
So cheers to your fears
Cheers to your demons
And the moments that you wish never happened
These are the bubbles that are within the tasteful
And this is the air that surrounds all that is pleasurable
Let the fizz run through
Shining against a sun filled day
Let them travel throughout your glass
Then smile as they are drowned away
Creating something that is special
Something that is you

© 2014 Jessica Santos

Leaving the Nest

Twigs and bits of grass
Carefully shaped and altered
Forming a circle though it is not perfect
It dips slightly in the middle
Just deep enough to hold one
One special being
One unique creature
Looking out from the center
Still afraid to embrace the true nature
Fierce protectors nurture but only for so long
The sun passes overhead making way for the moon
Over and over the process repeats
But still it sits in the middle
Using the sides as rails
A wall between comfort and uncertainty
Earth rotates and spins
Any time now
Yet it remains unmoving
Demanding it grows
Useless potential
At long last the protectors come
Pushing and urging it to climb
The time is now
Spread your wings
Take flight into the sky
Seek a new wonder
Broaden the truth

– Jessica Santos
© 2014 Jessica Santos


She flies into the heart of the stormy sky
Where it pours and drowns light
There is no escape, no exit
Lightning flashes left and right
But it leaves no white streaks
The sun battles the blackening clouds
But to no avail
A little girl shines a torch
But quickly it is blown out
Nothing can stop this mighty force
Winds across the seas whip the water
Oceans churn with great power
Collapsing all ships
Masking all sails
There is no lighthouse
The keeper has long left
Taken over by the webs and chilling shrieks of gulls
There is no hope for a return
None at all can win the Great Lady back
What was said is what shall be
A force to reckon with
And a battle never won by you

– Jessica Santos
© 2014 Jessica Santos