His Silent Joy

I remember when I first held you
You cried and became my little songbird
I remember when you first began to walk
You ran and became my little cheetah
I remember when you first drove me mad
You hid and became my little mouse
I remember all the good and bad
But, what I remember the most is our last words
We fought hard and strong
You pleaded with all your might
Almost convinced me otherwise
But I was too far gone
Imprisoned within my own demons
I couldn’t see your tear stained pillow
I couldn’t hear your reason
Now years have passed
And I remember this all
I beg for things to change
Plead to be released
I miss my baby girl
Her sweet embrace and our hour long talks at night
Yet these chains hold me
They’ve thicken over the years
So as you climb your mountains
And face your demons
I must gaze from afar
Proud of your success

© 2018 Jessica Santos


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