Little One

Skip, hop, flap
Try my little one
Fall out from your nest
Spread those wings
Soar through the violent winds
You will crash and burn
But let your wings flutter
And not your heart

© 2015 Jessica Santos


Pass It On

Late at night, when all the stores are closing up shop and workers are preparing to head home, all of the merchandise that had not been sold that had to be sold within that day is thrown out in the trash. After being in the food industry working for a company and a volunteer program, I have witnessed individuals throw food out and sometimes even goods that could have been passed on. It hurts to see such thoughtless acts, especially when one considers the number of people who go to bed hungry.

We need to stop throwing these goods out and instead collect them and give them away to those who need it. For example, the company that I work with allows its employees to take the food, if we so desire; and I always take a bag or two home. I don’t necessarily take it for myself or go driving around town handing out the miscellaneous food items, but I do give a few items to friends, family or even the occasional stranger on my way home.

This act is not done in hopes of anything in return, so please don’t expect a return other than a possible thank you and smile. If anything, do this act out of the kindness in your heart and with the knowledge that the food you are tossing out could have a better usage in someone else’s tummy instead of your trash can.

© 2015 Jessica Santos


Looking out upon the moon
A wolf sits in wait
Her howl echoes through the valleys
Not far away
A woman sits on her porch steps
Her cry is silent but stretches out
Lonely in the night
They are identical
The wolf bares a scar on her eye
The woman is blind in both
Years ago they battled another
Fighting strong forces
For nothing in return
But painful memories
Before they lashed out
Striking with incredible power
Oblivious to their own bloodshed
Now they sit
Staring up at an almost empty sky
No stars twinkle down
City lights are not even a comfort
Above, the moon barely appears through thick clouds
Yet they still call out
Hearing only each other’s beckoning
“Come soothe me and perhaps I’ll soothe you.”

© 2015 Jessica Santos

Blind Faith

Like a good girl
I sit and wait
With arms open wide
And a door that is unlocked
Eagerly listening
For a car to drive up
But not today
Perhaps tomorrow?
Maybe the day after?
Yet, like a good girl
I sit and wait
With arms open wide
And a door that is unlocked

© 2015 Jessica Santos