My True Nature

He’s forever present
Stamped into my skin
You can see it there
Trace the outlines
Touch the margins
It covers my being
But it does not consume my soul
Yes indeed my heart beats loudly
But not for him
It does in fact match his soothing rhythms
But not for him
He is etched in me
And for that it is only for one person
The most important person
What a selfish creature I have become
Yet for my happiness
I am eager to accept my very animalistic nature

© 2015 Jessica Santos


Sunday Morning

Before she opens her eyes, she feels. A comforting warmth touches upon her back.
Absentmindedly, he strokes her waist and brings his hand to rest on the bed in front of her. Pulling her in, she is sheltered even more. A ticklish stream of hot air brushes on the nape of her neck as his snoring continues. Giggling, she gently pulls away only to be held back by his strong arms. Now stirred, he shifts and releases his old.
Opening her eyes, she turns over and faces him. She watches his sleeping face as his chest rises and falls. Lowering her eyes, she traces the markings. She can sense that he is aware but thinks little of it.
Continuing her activity, she trails her finger up to his neck where she reaches up and kisses the delicate skin. But she doesn’t stop there. Instead, she kisses him all the way up to his lips.
No longer does he rest still but eyes flutter open as he returns the favor. Giving a soft smile, he chuckles as he realizes her gaze. Wrapping his arms back around her, he pulls her head in towards his chest. Playfully, she nips his arm. He doesn’t wince or hesitate but draws her in tighter.
Protectively, he holds her and she begins to relay the night’s dreams. He says nothing but listens with attentive ears. When she speaks of a nightmare, he kisses the top of her head which elicits a smile from her. As her cheeks rise to reveal her grin, he feels the muscles against his bare chest. Satisfied, he nuzzles her in encouragement to reveal more of her night’s dreams.
Without further ado, she rambles on about a dream containing him and her happiness to be present and with him and their loving dog. Her story comes to an end, and, instead of speaking, he merely releases her and shimmies down so that he may rest his head upon her chest.
With great intent, he listens to her heart’s rhythmic beats. Idly, she runs her fingers through his hair. Toying with the strands, she smiles and tickles his ear.
Playful they are with little knowledge about time. To them, time stands still. There is no room for time in their happy little bubble. And little to his knowledge, she feels his head grow heavy upon her.
He’s drifting back asleep, but she doesn’t mind. In fact, she closes her eyes and listens to his steady breath as she soon slips away into another dream. Together, they are content, happy and at peace.
But just as quick as he was to fall asleep, he awakes again and lifts his head from her chest to her lips. Tenderly kissing her awake, he takes up her previous mission. Kisses trail up her neck and across her face. Her face lights up at the affection as she kisses his lips and whimpers at the mention of getting out of bed.
Like a puppy, she buries her head in the pillows as he begins to swing his legs off the side of the bed. Intent on staying in, she quickly covers herself with the blanket and hides deep within his scent.
Chuckling, he turns around and moves the blanket away from her torso. Then, lightly, he brushes his stubble along her skin. Instantly, she jerks away laughing. But he follows her and persists to tickle her until she has squirmed out from under the blanket.
Swiftly, he picks her up and sits her on his lap. Holding her close, he nuzzles her neck as she rubs the sleep away from her drowsy eyes. After stretching out like a cat in his arms, she peers out from behind her fingers with bright eyes. Turning her head around, she gives him a peck on the lips before leaping up and hurriedly getting dressed. He shakes his head and follows. Soon they are dressed and prepared for the day ahead. Determined they gather their things and begin to walk out the door, until they check the calendar; Sunday.
Glancing at each other, they grin as they race back to bed. All the while stripping down to their bare essentials and leaving a trail of clothes in their wake. Back in bed, they curl up in the cool sheets and resume their merry way, joyful to have the day to call their own.

© 2015 Jessica Santos