Love’s Fabrication

Let’s pretend that it never ends
You never left my side
Never left my bed
We stayed under the covers
Laughing and giggling
To words never spoken
Sharing a touch, a feeling
Together the world was absent
Time passed with no meaning
Let’s pretend that it never ends
That you are my first
I am your only
The world was kind
And showed us those who we wanted
Keeping us together
Even when moments are rough
Let’s pretend that it never ends
These walls and sheets protect
Like your arms that shield
Nothing can batter us down
Heroes for the other
We come to the rescue
Thanks to unworldly forces
So let’s pretend that it never ends

© 2015 Jessica Santos


The Invisible Good

Creeping up from the basement, it sneaks around the floors of this home. Obviously knowing that it is neither welcomed nor appreciated, it stays hidden. At the slightest inclination of a sound or movement, it slithers into the shadows. It is not afraid of its captors; rather, it is afraid of the whispers.

Following its instincts, it searches for an overpowering light. Keeping to the ground and close to the walls, it moves forward. Desperate to escape yet unlike most stories it knows, there is no way out. No windows, no doors leading to the outside world and most definitely no overpowering light. Fear catches hold of its heart as it furiously moves about. Yet retaining its mind, it’s careful to not disrupt any object, even the dust balls collecting in the corners.

Footsteps approach and instead of hiding, it follows. Carefully keeping a distance yet staying close enough to hear any conversations the feet hold with another. Strange beings these feet are because when one looks up, one sees them travel high into the sky with a mixture of colors but always ending in black, brown, yellow or white. Why would one choose to end in such horribly dull colors?

It shines brighter than any other diamond and is more colorful than any rainbow. Showing off a different hue in the overpowering light but in the dark, it is neither dark nor dull. It is simply seen.

Focusing on the feet, it moves from side to side and hides whenever they stop to turn. Befriending the dust bunnies under couches, chairs and miscellaneous things that have either fallen upon the floor or have been left forgotten, it soon becomes invisible. Not only is it hard to spot, but it becomes slower and slower. Tired from the constant movement but determined to find a way out.

The feet soon stop at a wall.

Too exhausted to try hiding, it waits for the next direction but suddenly a jolt is felt. It can see the dust hover an inch above the floor before settling back down, but it remains in position. Paying attention to the dust, it did not notice the feet flying over it. Feeling the change in air above, it glanced above and darted out of the way, barely escaping certain death.

Turning to follow the feet, it becomes puzzled. Seconds before, there was dust all along the floor, but now it is spotless. What is this trickery? How can feet standing in front of a wall make such a change in so little time?

Crawling upon the floor after the feet, it looks around and notices a strange furry object in everything it saw. Stopping to look, it analyzed the furry thing and soon realized that what it was seeing was a mirror image of itself. Horrified at the dust it accumulated, it made a quick dash to try and release itself from its no longer invisible cape.

To its great happiness, when it looked back at its reflection, the swirling great mass upon it disappeared. However, now that it is cleared of all disguise, it has easily become spotted.

Massive feet stomp upon the ground and shrieks are echoed. Madly, it dashes out of the way and searches for an exit. To its surprise, there is a flashing red arrow sign marked exit directly ahead. Without thought, it takes heed and hastens forward.

As it reaches the doorway, a foot helps to quicken its departure and kicks it out the door. Flying through the air, it watches as the world around it changes and dulls. Soon it lands amongst familiar dust bunnies and abandoned items.

Slinking back to the corners, it remains close to the walls and follows them as if it has turned blind. Lame now from the kick, it sinks into depression. Why search for only an exit when one should search for better? Why fear an unknown even when it could be a great opportunity to shine? But why would one want such? Doesn’t it hold suffering and judgment?

Days and weeks pass as it ponders and wonders. What if it had fought against the shrieks? Granted it is afraid to be whispered but one can only be snickered if it allows it. One must be strong and resilient in order to survive in a higher order.

Besides, the feet only helped it achieve what it wanted. It wanted to escape so the feet led it to another dimension. In other words, it wanted to leave so it got escorted out.

Revived with a new longing, it edges forward. As if by muscle memory, it finds itself facing the strange wall once again. Awaiting for the feet, it poises ready to strike. Unsure of what to do but certain that it wants to be there and not here.

Once they arrive, it takes a moment to remove its false image before quickly pursuing the feet towards a new world. The jolt is felt, feet shuffle away, and again it is met with shock. Only this time, instead of running, it allows its colors to shine and be shown to all that look down upon it.

© 2015 Jessica Santos

Tender is the Night (originally written on January 29, 2015)

Kisses are such delicate intimate moments
Clinging to our bare skin
Like silent whispers
They declare what is
He doesn’t have to say it
I know
Sending shivers down my body
It goes on
Squirming slightly with pleasure
Soft strokes along my spine ignite
He tests the waters
Warm and vast
Dripping with anticipation
Neither beg
We both know it’s soon
Just taking the time
To gaze lovingly into eyes staring back
No longer a stranger’s
A kiss seals the deal
Bowing down in respect
He slowly plunges head first
Wading through the sweetness
Our destination is set
But we’re in no hurry
Riding swiftly through the bumps
As we near the outskirts
Our eyes glaze over
The moon rises
And just like that
All is illuminated

© 2015 Jessica Santos