Only With You Can I Begin to Heal (orginally written on January 26, 2015)

Tip toeing out from the bush
Careful to not make a sound
Cautious I am
Burned are these forests
The smell of smoke is familiar
Too great is the damage for any one to mend
Swirled in the mix I stand
A light flashes upon the edges
Search lights?
Afraid, my beating heart gallops away
Dashing further into the blackened charred mess
Left behind are the hands
But there’s one
Racing from behind
Scrambling through the rubble
Leaping through the burned tendrils of my heart
Through these worn ears, I hear the breath before I feel it
It lies upon the nape of my neck
He reaches out and grasps my flailing body
Holding me strong in place
Frantic eyes meet a blackness
Only this time, they are surrounded by warmth
Brown in color but brilliant in sight
Yet like the animal who knows nothing but fear in a time of chaos
A last attempt is made
Jerking forward to escape
Old wounds explode into a bloody tangle
Collapsing, I fall upon the scorched ground
Legs wildly battle to raise a blistered being
Pain sears through my every nerve
Cutting across my arteries
Splashing a greater gore across all that is near
Screaming, I stumble forward
As I fall once again
An arm spins me around
A body replaces mine on the floor amongst the ashes
Heat radiates and spreads
Soothing the untamed
Calming these rapid beats and flushed eyes
A second touch brings back all that is familiar
And a single kiss unites both beauty and beast

© 2015 Jessica Santos


Tempest’s Affliction

She sticks out a tongue and tastes the winds
They blow past her and through her ears
Reaching out to feel its pulse
It runs and dies down as it lies low to the ground
Constantly, it evades her grasp
Desperately, she continues to catch the White Whale
Please oh please let this be the day
Please oh please let this be the one
The one who will lift her up
And the one who will grace her with a touch

© 2015 Jessica Santos