They tell us to think before we act. For years, children are constantly reminded. But once they become adults, they live their lives with caution. We take that simple phrase far beyond it was ever meant to go.

Yes, one must be careful, but one must be careful; because once words are said or actions done, there is no such thing as taking them back. They are gone and thrown into the air left to cause whatever chaos that follows. The chaos may be good, but it may also be horrendous.

As children, majority of those words and actions are regrettable, but we were children. Mistakes were a must in order for us to grow. Now as adults, we must still continue to make mistakes, but here we are with a little bit more knowledge than our younger selves.

Nothing can be taken back once it is out in the open; but, at this point, do we really have the time to think under certain circumstances?

When it comes to love, friendship, family or just simply happiness, sometimes the best thing to do is to just do. The longer one takes to step back and think, the smaller the gap becomes for one to take a chance, a risk. It is rare when those impossibilities become a reality, but one will not know until he/she tries.

So I encourage all of you, even if it is just for the day or the hour or even the minute, to just do something. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take the leap of faith and sometimes just sometimes those chances will become the most memorable moments of our lives.

© 2014 Jessica Santos


Our Constant Battle

As tortured souls
We speak loudly
Covering the cuts and bruises
Hoping for another’s happiness
Seek a smile
Find a love
Do it for us
We’re clouded in our ways
It’s wrong to think this
We know
But pain has a way of showing what we want
No matter how big or small
Conflicted we beg
Go do what we believe we can’t
Little do we know
We all suffer
We’re all tortured souls
So whose going to step up?
Who is going to get what we want?
There’s only one answer

© 2014 Jessica Santos

VJS: Afflicted Truths (1st)

Madness snuck in
As a draft from the window
Creeping through the smallest of cracks
Wrapping us up in a cold sweat
Scared we clung to each other
Desperate to not be alone
Frantically scratching
Nails dug deeper
Sinking into flesh
Finding bone
Destroyed we were
Yet here we stand
Scars cover our backs
Staring into familiar eyes
My heart crumbles at the sight
Flashing before me are the moments
Where did it go wrong?
Perhaps it never did
Perhaps it was real
Maybe we weren’t hiding
We were just living
Enjoying the moments
Subconsciously knowing the truth
But choosing to be oblivious
Bittersweet it was
Bittersweet it is

© 2014 Jessica Santos