Phoenix: Burning Rebirth (2nd)

Tears fell
Frustration raged within
Conquered I was
Though the sticky mess is long gone
My skin still holds his art
Etched into my being
Defining, shaping
I played with fire
And I got burned
Yet, here I am
Instead of tending to my wounds
I stand under liquid fire
It rains down
Pooling at my feet
Then racing away
Down the drain
I beg for it to take more
But what is left?
The white wash left me that night and so did he
All that is left are the memories
How he touched my body
Coaxed me to bare my skin
Made me take a puff out of life
Then like any physical thing
It was gone
Worn away by use
Promises were broken
But that was the past
One shouldn’t relive them
Still that is what I’m doing
Letting my flesh roast once more
Reaching out I grab a loofah
What was once meant for pleasure
It is now used in pain
Pressed roughly onto my skin
I scrub
Scratching at the delicate tendrils
Soon it becomes abandoned
Replaced by claws of desperation
Cleanse this body
Clear my memory
Release these fangs
As the blood spills down
I emerge
Clutching the rawness
Soon my towel is dripping red
Glaring into the mirror are eyes
Eyes from another
Another life gone
And another to live

© 2014 Jessica Santos


Phoenix: Ensnared (1st)

Flooding my eyes are the memories
Clothes tossed to the floor in heated lust
Hearts rhythmically beating in sync
A deep hunger emerges
Isn’t this what we wanted?
Flipped over are the pictures
For those memories shall not be tarnished with a quick glance
Tonight, we quench our thirst
Tonight, we emerge as guilty
No judge will pass innocence
One look and we know
I’m playing with fire
She tells me no
But these eyes are blinded
Erebus cloaks the truth
As we dance
Flesh burns
Peeling away like wet parchment
Showered by his milk
Panic begins to set
Flipped like a switch
The shutters open
Darkening skies fill the air
Thunder crashes above
Lightning tears through
Looming over is my captor
He smiles down at his artwork
I hold no definition
I am a number, a tally

© 2014 Jessica Santos

A Double Dog Dare

I dare you
Call me what you wish
I’ll take it
Like a straight and true dart
It hits home
Shunned away by these titles
But that’s all they are
Holding nothing but a single breath in the distance between us
I do not follow
I am my own
I created my being
I am not a slut
Nor whore, cunt, bitch, or fucker
I am who I am
A boss, a leader
You won’t find me curled up crying
Don’t bother checking the basement or the attic
I’ll be right here
Facing you
Fighting you
You may be big and strong
But so am I
I will use arrowed words
And you a mighty sword
There will be blood shed with stitches in need
But it will soon fade
The mark I leave with you will be permanent
Resonating throughout your being
Chasing your every thought and action
So prepare
Because, I am a woman

© 2014 Jessica Santos

Blood Oath

Blood runs through these veins
Red as the freedom shot through the sky
Blaring trumpets of battle sing
Clashing as one
Brother against brother
Sister against sister
Child against elder
The stories are the same

Men leave to fight
Physically they wage on
Women leave to fight
Mentally they charge forward
Both sides prepare to win
We are determined
Hard at work
Sweating with heated exhilaration

Separate but equal rang out
Fallen we have
Friends turn
Words are shouted through dense air
Actions spoke to the masses
Pick a side
But no matter where we stood
Blood was spilled

The heart beats a rhythm
It is visible and known
No one can control it
It is infinite
It is true
Pumping thick red molasses
So why be bitter when love is sweet?

Comrades, enemies
Blood runs through these veins
Red as the freedom shot through the sky
Blaring trumpets of battle sing
Clashing as one
Brother against brother
Sister against sister
Child against elder
The stories are the same

© 2014 Jessica Santos

Ironic Halloween

Knock knock knocking
Upon every door we hope for a treat
Disguised as another
Once a year we enjoy being another
The other 364 are spent in depression
Hiding behind a mask
We lie, cheat and steal
Who are we?
Together we are corrupt
Together we are lost
United we stand for what?
There are few who stand alone
Creating their own
An island amongst the sea of desperation
To those we should look
They are strong
Yet they are alone
Because they are regrets
They are failures
They are conquests
Accept and Live On

© 2014 Jessica Santos