Two to Tango

Alone in this empty house
Feet permanently fixed to the ground
No where to run
No where to hide
The stains remain upon the bed
Sheets lie in a tangled messed on the floor
Feathers float through the air
Landing among the crimson sea
We are its creators
Destruction is our path
Consumed by the lust, by the greed
We are taken away by a moment’s whim
Sitting separately
Hugging ourselves
Little has been built
A question flits through the silence
Driven mad we are
She is lost in fear
And he in anger
Clothes were launched across the room hours ago
But neither bothers to collect
The deed is done
The deed is done
Yet when will he accept
So that as one they can dance on

© 2014 Jessica Santos


Free Falling

All around I see distance
Open fields
Vast seas
Endless hills
It calls out to me in the only language it knows
Leading me on is the wind
Pushing my feet forward
Soon I am caught sprinting down a hill
Dry dirt kicks up into the clear blue sky
Trailing behind are my footsteps
A funny sight to imagine I was once there
But now I’m at the bottom
Waves crash into the cliff
I hear their call
Beckoning for me to leap
A leap of faith?
Galloping like the wild horses
I dash out
Soaring into the sky
The wind sweeps me up
Toying with my delicate body
Gulls join me in flight
Together, we watch
We fly

© 2014 Jessica Santos

Beautiful Sunshine

Begins with you and ends with none
Only one can ignite the spark
Once it is aflame it is difficult to blow out
For there is no such thing as giving up
Each moment is precious
And precious things are hardly doubted
Yet time seems imperceptible as everyone is hustling to its ticks
As the moments pass
Gates and doors are unlocked
The world starts to open up
And with confident steps you walk in
A smile is present with little effort given to sustain
Feet guide themselves through the tall grass
And your mind wanders the thoughtful abyss
Effortlessly, feet make their way to see the painted skies
Wispy clouds share the wisdom that life is never old
It has only just begun for one in bliss
So let the rain drops fall onto a naked face
Let the sun shine over the hills and valleys of your body
Embrace the glory of a new world
Open wide and swallow in the eternal day

© 2014 Jessica Santos