Leaving the Nest

Twigs and bits of grass
Carefully shaped and altered
Forming a circle though it is not perfect
It dips slightly in the middle
Just deep enough to hold one
One special being
One unique creature
Looking out from the center
Still afraid to embrace the true nature
Fierce protectors nurture but only for so long
The sun passes overhead making way for the moon
Over and over the process repeats
But still it sits in the middle
Using the sides as rails
A wall between comfort and uncertainty
Earth rotates and spins
Any time now
Yet it remains unmoving
Demanding it grows
Useless potential
At long last the protectors come
Pushing and urging it to climb
The time is now
Spread your wings
Take flight into the sky
Seek a new wonder
Broaden the truth

– Jessica Santos
© 2014 Jessica Santos