Six Feet Under

Oh, dear Mother
Six feet under
And nobody cared
Yet now the ground shakes
And the old are reborn
White hats fill these streets
Marching from door to door
“Recite the truth!”
“All hail the blood of the pure!”
“The blond toupe is our messiah!”
Yet these shouts aren’t the only fear
Your mighty winds have turned loose
Your floodgates are now broken
Oh, dear Mother, save us
We cry not for our self
Not for our children
For the skeletons have escaped
Someone left the closet door open
And none can contain
The guards have been recruited
Only to cry among us
Oh, dear Mother
Six feet under they were
Now here we lay
In our self made grave

© 2017 Jessica Santos


“Stay Busy”

One, two, three
Kisses on the head
He says to stay busy
That’s how you go through the day

So I fill it up
Every minute blocked off
Working till my feet go numb
Only to get home and shower
Then crawl into bed

But wait…
It’s cold

And his arms aren’t wrapped around me
With his breath whispering in my ear
While his stubble tickles my neck
And our feet aren’t pressed together
Causing legs to twist and turn

So I reach for the laptop
Netflix kills time
But, so does a book
Or, maybe, I’ll cook

I don’t know
How do you stay busy?
How do you not think?
That’s the one class I failed at.

© 2017 Jessica Santos

Dream Come True

Baby, you don’t know what you do
Every morning waking up next to you
Is a dream come true
Within arms reach
How could a day go wrong?
Your stubble tickling my neck
And your hot breath whispering in my ear
Yet a girl can’t get enough
You got me all wrapped up
Smiling like theres no tomorrow
With kisses as sweet as honey
And eyes like gold
You’re the whole package, baby
My dream come true

© 2017 Jessica Santos

In My Arms

Late at night the phone rings
And you’re knocking down my door
Saying you just want to quit
So I hold you closely in my arms
Cause I know you’re stronger than this

Feeling the scars on your back
I’m reminded of the weight you carry
Always standing on two feet
With the world on your shoulders
So I hold you closely in my arms
Cause I know you’re stronger than this

Even when you’re shaking in pain and anger
We breathe in deep
And it all just falls away
So I hold you closely in my arms
Cause I know you’re stronger than this

Those striking brown eyes filled with trouble
Peer into mine late at night
We don’t move
I just hold you closely in my arms
Cause I know you’re stronger than this

Saying you just want to quit
Is just not our way
In my arms
We are stronger than this

© 2017 Jessica Santos

Hear Us, Love Us, Rescue Me

America’s greatest holiday and he’s away. Away on vacation with a family of his own? Some may consider it as such others call it his duty and right.

Meanwhile, I lie awake at night tossing and turning. I haven’t heard from him and I don’t expect to not for the next few days at least. You see, we’re on a schedule. Only once a week am I graced with his scruffy quiet voice as he whispers into my ear. But that’s only through an earpiece.

Seeing each other would be catastrophic and not for us but for the family who depends on him. The weight of the world is on his shoulders and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst of enemies. It destroys a being, makes them lose their self. The small glimpses I see of him, I see the struggle.

Secretly, he wants to run away to the coast or to the tippy top of a mountain far from the demands of another. But, his knapsack holds him back. It’s filled with the memories and keepsakes of thousands depending on him.

So, he can’t come at my beck and call. He can’t lay by my side at peace. But, together, on opposite sides of the world, we can stare into the sky looking at the same sun, the same moon where I will pray for the slightest ease of pain that he may feel from a blast only feet away. And he will pray for the silence that the world must beg for.

Maybe together, he’ll come home someday.

Until then, I keep the porch light on and the bed warm so that when he does return, he’s more than welcomed to rest his weary spirit.

© 2017 Jessica Santos